Sunday, February 13, 2011

Special Valentine Day’s Romantic Feelings !

My ode to you !

My soft words and warm heart are true
And my thoughts are consumed by you
My sweet destiny, my sweet fate
My dear love, you were worth the wait

I wish I could feel your embrace
And gaze upon your handsome face
I wish the time would quickly pass
Until I could meet you at last

Share your soul with me 'til that time
And I will open and share mine
Tell me your heart's truest desire
For you have set my heart on fire

Bare your soul and all its beauty
I will bare mine to you truly
Cling to me and hold me tightly
Let your love for me shine brightly

Hold me strong, completely, and true
All that I am, I give to you
You please me with your lovely words
You give me truth, you give me verse

Allow me to meet with you there
Deep within your heart's purest realm
Do not hide from me, let me see
All you are, and all you will be

Love me without worry or fear
Because to me you are so dear
Know that I am a jumblin' mess
It is for you, I must confess

What sweet abandon, sweet release
When you shall open up to me
Give me all until nothing's left
Hold me tightly against your chest

Woo me with your words of wonder
And talk to me like no other
Let me hear your soul speak to mine
Let me taste your words like fine wine

Do not allow me to run, hide
Promise me you will ebb the tide
And always seek me when I flee
To promise me, it's me you see

Do not let me escape in fear
Or pull away from you my dear
Pursue me like the restless sun
Until the day my heart you've won

Then hold my heart against your heart
And help me wish upon that star
That on the day at last we meet
That both our souls will be complete.

~ simplyangel.

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