Friday, February 18, 2011

Magical Love Thoughts !

 Those three little words !!!

Those three little words
that say I love you
Are etched in my mind
so vivid and so true.

I love the way you make me feel
and your actions and your words
I love to love you with an ardent zeal
and to feel your love in return.

Those three little words
may be only that
But to me they mean so much more
they are certainly worth the fight.

Your love is like a mighty sword
it cuts through all the dreck
As I will love you forever more
let us never tempt the fate.

Our love runs
oh so solid and oh so true
That is why my babe-z
I love solemnly only YOU!

~ Nikita Black.

Fall in love again !!!

The music is playing
The lights are low
There is something in the air
Before I know it, I fall in love again
The love and understanding
And kindness is still there
Since the day we met
I’m the person you hold
In a special way
You know how much I love you
Two lips that had sweet kisses
Two loving arms that hold me
Two hearts that share a perfect love
My darling you know
I will always love you

~ Brenda Van Wyk.