Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wonderful Love Poem !

Presence !

I feel you everywhere…
Your arms are wrapped around me tight
I see your wink over the morning paper
And your smug grin, as you wait for me in our bed at night

I feel your loving presence…
You’re still everything to me
You’re in every laugh that I hear
And every smile that I see
You’re still a part of all I do
You’re locked tight in my memory
(I’ve thrown away the key)

You’re still all I want (for me)…
You’re in every poem that I write
And every song that I sing
You’re part of every good book that I’ve read
You're the dominant player in all my dreams
You were (and are) my heart’s desire
In the still of night I still feel your fire
And I’m now newly acquainted with the sting

I’m trying so hard…
To keep you ever near
By far my greatest fear, babe,
Is that you’ll disappear
Don’t leave me honey
I still need you by my side
I promise I’ll get on with life
I just need some time

In the meantime…
Let me go on loving you
In the only way I know how
With all that I am
With every breath that I take
With every smile and every tear
With every kindness I bestow
I still will walk in faith…

I pay tribute to you, love.

~ Kdgrippo.