Friday, February 18, 2011

Magical Love Thoughts !

 Those three little words !!!

Those three little words
that say I love you
Are etched in my mind
so vivid and so true.

I love the way you make me feel
and your actions and your words
I love to love you with an ardent zeal
and to feel your love in return.

Those three little words
may be only that
But to me they mean so much more
they are certainly worth the fight.

Your love is like a mighty sword
it cuts through all the dreck
As I will love you forever more
let us never tempt the fate.

Our love runs
oh so solid and oh so true
That is why my babe-z
I love solemnly only YOU!

~ Nikita Black.

Fall in love again !!!

The music is playing
The lights are low
There is something in the air
Before I know it, I fall in love again
The love and understanding
And kindness is still there
Since the day we met
I’m the person you hold
In a special way
You know how much I love you
Two lips that had sweet kisses
Two loving arms that hold me
Two hearts that share a perfect love
My darling you know
I will always love you

~ Brenda Van Wyk.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wonderful Love Poem !

Presence !

I feel you everywhere…
Your arms are wrapped around me tight
I see your wink over the morning paper
And your smug grin, as you wait for me in our bed at night

I feel your loving presence…
You’re still everything to me
You’re in every laugh that I hear
And every smile that I see
You’re still a part of all I do
You’re locked tight in my memory
(I’ve thrown away the key)

You’re still all I want (for me)…
You’re in every poem that I write
And every song that I sing
You’re part of every good book that I’ve read
You're the dominant player in all my dreams
You were (and are) my heart’s desire
In the still of night I still feel your fire
And I’m now newly acquainted with the sting

I’m trying so hard…
To keep you ever near
By far my greatest fear, babe,
Is that you’ll disappear
Don’t leave me honey
I still need you by my side
I promise I’ll get on with life
I just need some time

In the meantime…
Let me go on loving you
In the only way I know how
With all that I am
With every breath that I take
With every smile and every tear
With every kindness I bestow
I still will walk in faith…

I pay tribute to you, love.

~ Kdgrippo.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Magical Love Poem !

I awoke this morning thinking of you and wishing 
I could see you and feel you close to me.

I thought about your smile and your eyes so full of life and 
love and about your kisses so sweet and tender,

I remember how good you feel in my arms and 
wish I could hold you now and forever.

I see your pretty face in my mind and 
feel honored that you chose me to love and be a part of your life.

I miss you immensely and can't wait until the next time 
I can tell you in person how much I love you and 
need you and how lovely you are.

I long to hold you in my arms, kiss those sweet lips, 
hear the sound of your gentle sighs, 
and feel the warmth of your hot breath as you tremble to my touch.

I thought of you this morning as I do almost every minute of every day, My Love.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Special Valentine Day’s Sentences !

Standing at the edge !

When everything around you seems to collapse
And the world seems like a
Cold, dark, and lonely hole;
In the midst of all the pain and unhappiness,
Know that I will be the one
Standing at the edge
With a smile and understanding in my heart,
And an outstretched hand to help pull you out;
To help you see that
Within the darkness of this world,
Our love will be the light to guide us through.
And when I find myself in that same dark hole,
I know that you will be there
Standing at the edge
Waiting for me.

~ Sweetie Shellie.

Happy Valentine's Day !

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Special Valentine Day’s Romantic Feelings !

My ode to you !

My soft words and warm heart are true
And my thoughts are consumed by you
My sweet destiny, my sweet fate
My dear love, you were worth the wait

I wish I could feel your embrace
And gaze upon your handsome face
I wish the time would quickly pass
Until I could meet you at last

Share your soul with me 'til that time
And I will open and share mine
Tell me your heart's truest desire
For you have set my heart on fire

Bare your soul and all its beauty
I will bare mine to you truly
Cling to me and hold me tightly
Let your love for me shine brightly

Hold me strong, completely, and true
All that I am, I give to you
You please me with your lovely words
You give me truth, you give me verse

Allow me to meet with you there
Deep within your heart's purest realm
Do not hide from me, let me see
All you are, and all you will be

Love me without worry or fear
Because to me you are so dear
Know that I am a jumblin' mess
It is for you, I must confess

What sweet abandon, sweet release
When you shall open up to me
Give me all until nothing's left
Hold me tightly against your chest

Woo me with your words of wonder
And talk to me like no other
Let me hear your soul speak to mine
Let me taste your words like fine wine

Do not allow me to run, hide
Promise me you will ebb the tide
And always seek me when I flee
To promise me, it's me you see

Do not let me escape in fear
Or pull away from you my dear
Pursue me like the restless sun
Until the day my heart you've won

Then hold my heart against your heart
And help me wish upon that star
That on the day at last we meet
That both our souls will be complete.

~ simplyangel.

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