Saturday, January 21, 2006

Valentine Letter For Someone Special !

To SomeOneWho Is....
MY LOVE And My Best Friend
You are my best friend, because you give me the freedom to be honest. I am able to tell you deep, dark secrets, and you keep them as you would your own. You give me unspoken permission to share with you not only my joys but also my pain.
You are my best friend, because you accept the child within my soul. You care for her, protect her, nurture her dreams and hopes, and you let me see the child inside of you too. You let my star shine and you give me the enjoyment of helping you achieve your goals and dreams. You let me take care of you when you're tired, and you make me strong by leaning on me.
You are my best friend, because we can be worried and relieved together; we can tease and comfort one another. You are the rock upon which I can rest my weary bones, and yours are the hands that can tenderly bandage all of my broken hearts.
Only you and I could reach out to one another the way that we do, knowing our love and friendship will keep us safe and warm..... And Strong.
Lovingly Yours,

Friday, January 20, 2006

Special Valentine Thoughts !

If I am your child,
Please touch me.
Persist, find ways to meet my needs.
Your goodnight hug helps sweeten my dreams.
Your daytime touching tells me how you really feel.

If I am your teenager,
Please touch me.
Don't think because I'm almost grown,
I don't need to know that you still care.
I need your loving arms,
I need a tender voice.

If I am your friend,
Please touch me.
Nothing lets me know you care
like a warm embrace.
A healing touch when I'm
depressed assures me I am loved,
And reassures me that I'm not alone.
Yours may be the only comforting touch I get.

If I am your life's partner,
Please touch me.
You may think that your passion is enough,
But only your arms hold back my fears.
I need your tender reassuring touch,
To remind me I am loved just because I am me.

If I am your grown-up child,
Please touch me.
Though I may have a family of my own to hold,
I still need Mommy's and Daddy's arms when I hurt.
As a parent the view is different, I appreciate you more.

If I am your aging parent,
Please touch me.
The way I was touched when I was very young.
Hold my hand, sit close to me, give me strength,
And warm my tired body with your nearness.
Although my skin is worn and wrinkled, it loves to be stroked.
Don't be afraid,
Just touch me.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Loves Promise !

Life is such a special gift
It holds so much in store.
Yet for everything that life may hold,
Love holds so much more.

Love won't guarantee to you
That problems won't come your way,
But it comforts you and strengthens you
So that everything's okay.

It cannot promise that throughout life
You won't have a bumpy ride,
It does however enable you
To take it all in stride.

Life may have its ups and downs
Its happiness and sorrow,
But Love's a simple promise
That there is a better tomorrow.

Love can lift you up above
The troubles of the world.
Love will place you on a cloud
And make you dance and twirl.

Love will take you by the hand
And lead you gently on.
Love remains and stays the same
When everything else is gone.

Love is an awakening to better,brighter things
It's dazzling beauty sparkles more
Than gold or diamond rings.

Love's special promise comes to us
Only if the love is true,
So has the special promise of Love
Found its way to you?

By: Andre' Barnes

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Romantic Poem For Valentine's Day !

Love is like magic and it always will be,
For love still remains life's sweet mystery

Love works in ways that are
wondrous and strange,

And there's nothing in life that love cannot change.
Love can transform the most commonplace into beauty and splendor and sweetness and grace.

Love is unselfish, understanding and kind,
For it sees with it's heart and not with it's mind.

Love is the answer that everyone seeks.
Love is the language that every heart speaks

Love can't be bought...
it's priceless and free.

Love, like pure magic, is a sweet mystery.

Author: Helen Steiner Rice

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Valentine's Day Note No. 3- This Special Day
Dearest (NAME),

On this special day when romance is the operative word, I send to you my deepest and most sincere love along with a more tangible token of my devotion.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Note No. 4 - Cupid Came A Callin'
Dear (NAME)

Cupid came a callin' the other day. He did his thing and then he went away. But the arrow that he stuck in me has made me fall in love with thee.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Note No. 5 - Love is in the Air

The fourteenth of February is one of my favorite days of the year, for love is in the air. This year is a very special one for me because you, (NAME), are in my life to share that love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 16, 2006


Valentine's Day Note No. 1 - You Are In Focus

Dearest (NAME),

The world is a blur to me. Only you are in focus. What a joy it is to gaze upon you, for nothing else matters. All that is beauty - All that is truth is embodied within you, and I consider myself truly fortunate to be able to partake of it.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Note No. 2 - Eternity

Dear (NAME),

A rare wine .... .
It's only for the moment.
But you, my love -
You are for eternity!

Happy Valentine's Day!