Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Special Valentine Day’s Poems !

My dream pillow !!!

When I sleep perchance to dream
I float away on clouds of cream
To faraway and exotic lands
Being held in your hands
Through the mosques and citadel
Into the villages where the natives dwell
Mountains and beckoning trees
Lakes, rivers and enormous seas
Over all this I fly with you
Together in my dreams we two.

~ DianeCook63.

Love is all I have !!!

Love is happiness
Love is pain
Love is sunshine
Love is rain

Love can put you to sleep
Love can keep you awake
Love can hurt so deep
Love can feel so great

Love can be heaven
Love can be hell
Love can be you're lost
Love can be you're found, as well

Love for you is all I feel
Love for you, so true so real
Love for you is all my life
Love for you Nancy, My Queen, My Wife.

~ JPT.

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