Friday, February 11, 2011

Special Valentine Day’s Beautiful Poem !

A heart that is filled !!!

I know I have truly found an angel who walks upon the ground.
She knows I will keep her safe and sound.
Only her and I see what's inside each other,
And there will be no other.

If we just keep being strong,
I know we will always belong.
Life really tries to test our love,
But we both know we fit like a pair of doves.

Karen Lynn, one day you will see,
You are a part of me.
We can't let anything get in our way,
Because we will make it someday.
When that day comes around,
I will surely lift you above the ground.

I promise I will make you smile forever,
And I won't let you down, ever.
Heaven is shining down on you and I,
Because our beauty will never die.
When the devil tries to step in,
All I see is my beautiful Karen Lynn.

Soon you will have no more tears,
Because I will take away all of your fears.
The first day we met, I will never regret.
If you stay with me for the rest of your life,
I promise you will be a happy wife.

~ rstrmi

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