Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Intimate Love Song !

Within my soul !!!

How can I explain
the loneliness I feel inside
I don't know how to deal
with these feeling 'couse
I'm always trying to hide.

A soft whisper from your lips,
a gentle kiss...
Is it too much to ask for this?
I just want to be happy,
To forget the loneliness.

There's pain in my heart
that wont let me live.
There's pain in my life,
that only you can relief.
Only one word you should say,
I thought you feel the same way.

I would like not to feel so sad
I miss you a lot and this make's me feel so bad.
The emptiness I feel inside my soul
make's me tell you that
you're the one I love from all.

Here I sit alone again,
feeling the loneliness I cannot explain.
What is so wrong with me
that makes you want to leave.

I promise my self I'll never let you get away
'couse I had so much love
to give it to you that day.
But the wind doesn't let me see you again.

I loved you so much I thought
you feel the same way...

~ Simce.