Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sad Love Poem !


I'm sorry that I'm writing
you but I just can't forget.
All the memories of me with you,
Are running through my head
I'm sorry that I cried today
Though you didn't see my tears,
I just can't forget the fact
That today would be one year.

You said you didn't love me
But I know its not the truth
So here it is,
I'm saying it,
I still love you too.

I can hear it when
you talk to me
When you say my name.
How the words almost slip out,
you hold
them back in shame

All day I've been
thinking of you,
And what we could have been
Happily ever after,
Is what we both said.

I sit here,
And concentrate
On leaving you behind
But I know that no matter what
No words could make you mine

I'm sorry
that I told the truth,
Sorry you're the one,
Sorry that it hurts
so much,
Sorry I'm still in love.

~ Unknown.