Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Magical Love Poem !

I  will always show You that I love you
and give the best of me I can.
I  will  always be there to comfort you
and  try to protect you from all harm
with everything who I am

I  will always open up my heart to you
and be not only your lover but your best friend
I  will always be someone who you can talk to
and when it is needed  just listen as
I'll be the one whom you can always depend.

I  will  always give you my strength
if you ever feel that you are not strong
I  will always try to do my utmost
and support  you in every way I know how
to right anything that has gone wrong.

I  will always  accept you for who are
and  love you unconditionally
I  will always  try to make you feel good about yourself
and  make you  feel needed and important
as someone who means the world to me

~ Unknown.