Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beautiful Love Poem !

Let's Get Strawberrylicious !

I Want To Wake In The Morning
And Be Your Strawberrylicious Lover!

The cottony soft morning light
Casts a honey glow while you sleep.

My sexy and beautiful love,
How I want to wake you!

My dreams have been filled with visions of you.
And by the blush of your skin
I know you've dreamt of me too.

Open your eyes, we'll frolic and play..
I've got "naughty" in mind
To start the day!

We'll nibble on strawberries,
luscious and sweet,
Lick fingers and toes
Until our lips meet..

Then some chocolate, or sugar
and cream would be nice
'Though you're all I need
To reach paradise.

Have A Delicious Day, My Love !