Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shooting Star ....... !!

As I lay in bed at night
 I look out my window and see something bright
 It was such a lovely sight
 And when you see that light
 It brings enjoyment and delight
 Cause if what they say is true
 Then I wish I can be with me boo!
Oh what a long list I can make,
 Are you willing to listen and wait?
 I wish that he was here,
So i can say "I love you dear"
 I wish to have him stand in front of me once more,
And surely this time I will never let go
 I wish to have him laying near,
So we can cuddle when I have fear
 I wish he was standing in front of me
 So i can kiss him and say "I missed you honey"
 To the shooting star that passed by that night
 The only wish I want granted tonight
 Is my wish to be with my friend, my love,...My Knight!
~   LaEstrellita