Friday, March 23, 2012

Still Loving You ... Love Poem !!

Still Loving You .. !!

How happy I am when I met you..
It was such a wonderful happiness 
when were together all the time...
the bad times and good times that 
we shared the memories that we had..

How I love you so much..
I follow you whatever you want me to do...
I sacrifice everything just to pleased you..

I thought were gonna be together...forever...
but i was wrong...really wrong..
the promise that you made..
It was that your gone..

How i have been hurt when you betray me...
I was so deeply wounded hurt..

I cried a lot..every night..that passes by..
my tears kept falling on my cheek..
my pillows been wet for my tears..
i cant do anything...just to cry..
i cant shared it to my friends..
because I really dont want you 
to have a bad image to them...

How will i ever forget you..
those memories that we had...
the laugther..the pain...the tears..
when were together..

You cannot even say sorry for me..
nor asking for an apology..
but still i love you for what you did to me..
I cant do anything but to forgive you...
I know its hard to move on..
but to release the pain..i have to forgive you...

I wont change...i will always be here for you..
no matter what you did to me..
I already forgiven you..