Monday, November 07, 2011

Short Love Poems !

Love is only a four lettered word seldom spoken so rarely heard
Love is a dream a reality in time and in my dreams your love is mine
Love can be close and so far apart but no matter the distance
I'll keep it in my heart.

You're someone special, I couldn't do without
My feelings are real, there is no doubt…
No one else ever made me feel this way
No words can ever explain what I'm trying to say.

The simple Hi! and Hello!
we exchange everyday,
becomes the sweetest I Love You.

The simple jokes and laughters
we intimately shared
turned into a wonderful memory.

The meaningless smiles and 
the simple tap on the back
becomes a tender loving touch.

A simple beginning we had
both of us never dreamed of
turned into a splendid love.