Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love's Own World ! - Romantic Poem

Wonderful World
It's a wonderful world
The one you and I live in
Oblivious to all that is bad
And I know that we'll be together in the end

I have this feeling we would be great together
I think we should give this love a chance to grow
Nobody has the power to stop us
So let's go get lost

Give us a shot
Have a little faith in this
Everything that we are feeling is right
Who's place is it to tell us we're wrong

Now that we've had our night
Just look into my eyes
Tell me you didn't feel the same
If you tell me this we can leave this alone

I knew it from the beginning
We're meant to be
It's going to be just you and me
For the rest of time this is just the beginning

I have a love that is growing
Tell me you have the same
I hope one day everyone will realise
That the whole time they were wrong

You and I know we're going to be
Together forever
Just you and me
It's us against the world

                                                                    by darknlight