Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Special Love Poems !

Always In My Dreams !!!

There aren't enough words to tell you I love you,
Not enough ways to show you I care.
Not enough laughter and good times to wish you,
Not enough wonderful moments to share. . .
A million bright mornings would not be too many,
Long evenings forever would still be too few,
For I need you and love you so much that it seems
There aren't enough days in a lifetime with you
I'll always be here waiting for you.

~ Unknown.

It started as a seed but it's grown and grown.
Its roots reach deep down inside of my chest,
And it grows even more with each passing breath.
The delicate petals lay beautiful and pure,
All the doubts that I've had you have since cured.
For all the thorns that this proud rose bears,
They are all softened by the thought of your care.
Soon the rose grows old and withers and dies,
But the love that helped grow it will last for all time.

~ Unknown.