Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Beautiful Love Poem !!

Each time

I tell myself I'm finally cured
I've conquered all the pain
I've made it through these troubled times
And still I am quite sane

I do not lie awake at night
And ponder what can't be
I sleep as newborn babies do
And feel I'm finally free

Tears no longer cloud my sight
My mind is free to roam
I listen to some country tunes
Or read a lengthy tome

I'm back to watching sports again
I have a drink or two
I smoke a stogie when I want
And do not think of you

And yet a thought keeps poking me
Reminding me again
Of how I never got to feel
A love that might have been

And so I guess I'm not so free
It's all a self-made lie
I think it's cause this heart of mine 
Breaks each time you walk by.