Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet Emotional Poem !

I know my heart has been very blessed 

As I sit and leave the world behind 
I write a poem that comes to my mind 
My words are gentle loving and kind... 
I have a poet's heart

When I look into your deep brown eyes 
As I feel your touch, I fantasize 
I respond with soft whispering sighs... 
I have a lover's heart 

I long for a love that I can keep 
And for a goodnight kiss before I sleep 
Sometimes in the quiet night, I weep... 
I have a lonely heart

My daytime dreams are of life and such 
At night I dream of a lover's touch 
Some people may think that I dream too much... 
I have a dreamer's heart 

I stand on my own two feet each day 
I work very hard to earn my pay 
I'm proud of myself in every way... 
I have a survivor's heart

There is one thing that I hope to never own 
That would be a heart that is made of stone 
Even though at times I'm so alone... 
I have a hopeful heart

I know my heart has been very blessed 
For it will never be second-guessed 
The memories I hold dear are best... 
I have a happy heart !