Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Best Love Poem !

Strangely New !!!

A cup of tears
A pool of laughter
A charming smile
Brings us together

Not quite the same
Always something new
Never knew love
Till I found you

Grab mixed emotions
Any kind will do
Put them all together
To feel the way I do

Try a little bit playful
And little bit sad
Don?t forget a little naughty
Not like the bad

Not quite the same
Always something new
Couldn?t find love
But I?ve found you

What would I do,
If I lost you,
I?m so lost and stuck by you
It?s kind of scary

Not Quite real
Me wanting you
Seems so surreal
And yet I know when in your arms

Everything?s ok
I?m safe from all alarm
Not quite the same since I found you
This whole love thing?s so strangely new.

~ Sami.