Monday, December 07, 2009

Genuine Love Notes !

We rise together, up into the sky,
We join together, watch the world pass by.

We are together, together as a cloud,
Standing out to each other in the worldly crowd.

We fall together, as hard, heavy rain,
On hitting the ground we both experience the hard, heavy pain.

We ride the wind together, with Understanding at the reigns,
Despite the upset, a bond remains.

You are my wind, but together we fly,
We’re very apart, but together we cry.

You will always be that wind, pushing me high,
I will always be that heartache making you cry.

Together we hurt, and that feeling reigns,
Each heart being eaten by the love it contains.

We’ll fall to the ground together, once again as rain,
For someone I have found, to share my pain.

We’ll come together once more, as a tear-soaked cloud,
Emerge to each other from beneath our shroud.

We will rise again together, on the day we die.
We’ll hold hands together, on the path to the sky.

~ Unknown.